A pedestrian was violently struck and killed by a police cruiser chasing a stolen vehicle last Tuesday night in West Sacramento.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, officers had been chasing a vehicle stolen by a 17 year old down West Capitol Avenue near Pine Street when a pedestrian, 31 year old Brandon Louis Nickolas, made his way into the road and was struck at high speed.

Witnesses to the accident reported that the police cruiser had its lights on and siren screaming at the time of the impact, which was so severe that the body of the pedestrian was severed in two.

“It was definitely bad. I was watching a movie when I heard the bang,” said Adam Elder, a resident who lives by the intersection of West Capitol and Pine. “I decided to come out here, but I did not want to see it.”

An investigation and autopsy of the pedestrian has since revealed that the man was drunk and staggering through the area before the accident, and he appears to have stumbled out onto the road under the heavy influence of alcohol.

Despite the terrible accident, the teen driver was still apprehended after he crashed into a parked car in the 1900 block of Maryland Avenue and the car’s owner pinned him until police arrived, and he was booked in Yolo County juvenile custody on suspicion of auto theft and murder.

It was initially reported that because the teen was responsible for the car chase, he could also be considered responsible for the pedestrian’s death. However, in court on Thursday Yolo County DA’s officials chose not to pursue a murder filing, instead charging the teen with vehicle theft, felony possession of stolen property, misdemeanor allegations of evading a police officer, resisting arrest, and driving without a license.

The officer who struck and killed Nickolas is currently on paid administrative leave pending an internal review and investigation by the California Highway Patrol.

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