Six people were injured, including one life-threateningly, when a car crashed into a tutoring center Monday afternoon in Fountain Valley.

According to local police reports, the incident took place at approximately 12:27 p.m. at the Tutoring Club in the 9900 block of Ellis Avenue, where a 2011 Buick sedan smashed through the center’s front entrance and crashed all the way to the rear of the building.

In total, five people were struck, including two who became trapped beneath the Buick. Both were freed by responding rescue crews and rushed to a nearby hospital. One, a 20 year old male, was listed in serious condition, and the other, a 32 year old male, was said to have suffered life threatening injuries. Two 15 year old boys and a 67 year old woman were also hit, through their injuries were minor.

The driver of the Buick, who has been identified as 76 year old Peter Hauk of Huntington Beach, also suffered minor injuries and was taken to an area hospital.

At the time of the accident, the tutoring center was in session, and there were several other parents and children inside who were fortunate to have escaped harm. “I’m just totally shook up right now, because this is my son,” said one parent. “He’s all I have, and I’m all he has, and I’m grateful that he’s fine. I hope everyone else is OK.”

Following the accident, cleanup crews were called to the scene to clear away broken glass, desks, and other scattered debris as a tow truck dragged the vehicle out of the building. Building inspectors were also on hand to assess the damage and evaluate the center’s structural integrity.

Police investigators also launched a formal investigation into the crash, as it is unclear what caused Hauk to plow through the building. Given the man’s age, a medical condition may have been a factor. Anyone with information that could assist with the investigation is being encouraged to contact the Fountain Valley Police Traffic Bureau as soon as possible.

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