Six people were sent to the hospital after a car smashed into the side of an MTA bus filled with passengers late Wednesday morning in Los Angeles.

According to reports from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the collision took place at around 11:20 a.m. at the intersection of Pico and Crenshaw boulevards in Arlington Heights where a black Hyundai Genesis Coupe plowed into the side of the Line 710 bus.

Miraculously, both the driver of the Hyundai and the bus driver reported no bodily harm, and the six bus passengers who were hurt suffered only minor to moderate injuries. None who were sent to the hospital were listed in serious condition.

The car suffered a more severe fate, as much of the front right hand side of the vehicle was destroyed. The right front tire was even left lodged underneath the bus, which suffered much lesser damage, though noticeable dents were present along its side.

At this time the cause of the accident is unknown, though local residents believe it may have been related to distracted driving. “To the looks of it, the driver probably was speeding or was on his cell phone. It does look like a hard hit. I am just glad that driver had his belt on, otherwise he would fly head first out”, said one bystander on the scene.

The crash forced the temporary closure of the immediate area to clear the handicapped Korean sports car from the scene and to allow for police investigators to gain a better understanding of the circumstances that led to the crash. Witnesses on the scene and unharmed bus passengers were interviewed by police to try to help piece the accident back together.

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