Megann Heilman, 22 was issued a ticket on February 22, 2014 which turned out to save her life.

She was pulled over and did not know why. She was unaware that the fact that she did not have her seat belt on was the reason. Her parents reported that they told her repeatedly to wear her seat belt to no avail.

On February 27, 2014 Heilman was on her way to her cousin’s house. Her seat belt was buckled in response to the ticket she had received for just that offense only five days earlier.

She had an accident. She was not at fault.

The car rolled over 2 to four times. She was hospitalized for five days and sustained a back injury.

Air bags and the seat belts are said to have saved her life.

A police representative explained how tickets are designed to correct behavior. Heilman is proof that this method works.She and her parents met with the officer who gave her the ticket, Officer Joe Dusel.

Heilman wanted to thank him. She said that she felt that she had to thank him and did so with her parents.

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Source: Modesto BeeOne Adult, Two Children Killed In Car Crash