San Diego County checkpoints resulted in charging allegedly intoxicated drivers and issuing dozens of citations for other violations over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Authorities set checkpoints beginning Saturday. Patrol services were increased along the coast and the South Bay area. This crackdown resulted in at least 39 people being charged per numbers released Monday.

Chula Vista police worked a checkpoint on the 600 block of E Street in Chula Vista on Saturday. It resulted in four DUI arrests and two dozen citations for license violations, per authorities. A total of 2,468 vehicles passed through the checkpoint and 22 field sobriety tests were conducted.

A total of twenty-four motorists were cited for driving without a license or driving with a suspended or revoked license, and 10 citations were issued for various traffic violations.

Additionally one motorist was arrested on suspicion of violating probation for a previous DUI conviction, another person was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession, and one other, on suspicion of possessing stolen property, police told reporters.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department expanded patrol coverage and intensity in Encinitas and arrested 19 people on suspicion of drunken driving Saturday. Citations were issued for a spectrum of reasons. People celebrating in the area who were drunk in public, possessed open alcoholic containers, urinated in public, or were minors in possession of an alcoholic beverage if caught were cited by the sheriff.

Imperial Beach saw another checkpoint setup by the sheriff’s department on Saturday. This one resulted in two arrests for public drunkenness. At least seven other citations were issued for license violations and two vehicles were impounded.

California Highway Patrol worked with police from the city of San Diego to operate the 1400 block of G Street checkpoint Sunday night.

Close to 1,000 vehicles passed through the G Street checkpoint, which resulted in 38 sobriety tests, SDPD Officer Mark McCullough told reporters. A little less than half of those drivers were arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

Another driver had an unrestrained 15-month-old child in her vehicle and was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment. McCullough told reporters that two other motorists refused to stop for officers and had their tires deflated.

Using sobriety checkpoints authorities hope to reduce drunken driving car wrecks to improve overall public road safety.

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