Authorities are searching for the driver that struck a pedestrian and left the scene in San Diego Monday night. Police were on the lookout the following day for the driver that fled the scene.

At approximately 8:20 p.m. authorities received a phone call about a man who was hit while attempting to cross the street in a Hillcrest area. According to Dino Delimitros, a San Diego police officer, the hit-and-run accident took place at Sixth Avenue and Evans Place.

Delimitros stated that the 49-year-old man that was attempting get to the other side of the street was struck by a southbound brown four-door sedan with Illinois license plates. The sedan was last seen westbound on Pennsylvania Avenue. Authorities stated that the vehicle failed to stop to acknowledge the incident or aid the fallen pedestrian.

Officials have not found the driver that fled the scene in what they believe may have been a Toyota sedan.

On impact the vehicle launched the pedestrian into the air, according to witness statements.  As a result he was slammed against the road and suffered an open arm fracture and a head injury. His current condition has not been made available to the public.

At AA Accident Attorneys we advise pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings when crossing streets, especially at night. Any person on foot, walking, running, jogging, hiking, sitting or lying down is considered a pedestrian.

Pedestrians are more at risk to sustain serious injuries after a crash than the people in a vehicle. Passengers in a vehicle are typically protected by four walls of solid material and are restrained by a seatbelt. Pedestrians are protected only by their skin and the clothes on their back and they can’t be replaced.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that every seven minutes in the United States a pedestrian is either injured or killed by a motor vehicle.  In 2009, approximately 4,092 pedestrians lost their lives and around 59,000 were injured. To get those numbers, the agency studied reflected traffic accidents on public streets that involved one or more vehicle. Any incidents that happened on driveways, private property and parking lots were not included in the study.

A large percentage of vehicle-on-pedestrian accidents happen at night and are caused by a single vehicle. When you decide to go out in the dark and need to get across the street make sure you can make it safely across without getting hit. If you or someone you know has been hit by a vehicle, call our San Diego car accident lawyers. They will listen to your case for free!