A driver was arrested after piloting an RV under the influence of alcohol into multiple vehicles, a fence, the corner of an apartment building, and a power pole Tuesday afternoon in Van Nuys.

According to local police reports, the ordeal took place at about 11:30 a.m. on Sepulveda Boulevard, where witnesses spotted the recreational vehicle traveling at speeds of 60 to 70 miles per hour before turning into an alley behind an apartment complex on Clark Street. During the turn the large vehicle clipped the corner of the building, sheared off a power pole, crashed into a fence, and damaged as many as 30 vehicles parked at the complex before finally coming to a stop.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the heavily damaged vehicle in the apartment complex’s parking area, with three pit bulls and a Chihuahua on board. As officers were apprehending the driver of the vehicle on suspicion of DUI, animal services took the dogs away, who were unhurt in the accident. No injuries were reported amongst the humans involved as well.

“At first, I couldn’t see a vehicle,” said Van Nuys PD Officer Oliver Olano. “I couldn’t see what the citizens were talking about until we approached the rear of the parking lot. All you could see was what used to be a vehicle, disintegrated. There were items all over the place. The only thing you could see was the front of the RV.”

The downed power pole meanwhile cut power to a five-square block area from Sepulveda to Burbank Boulevard, leaving some residents without electricity until Wednesday morning. Utility crews worked throughout the day to restore the pole and bring power back to the apartment complex, which was finally returned by 10 a.m., nearly 24 hours after the accident.

“I was in bed and saw sparks flying up over my building,” said Nick Cochran, who lives in the affected complex. “It was just chaos back there.”

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