An elderly man struck a disabled vehicle off an Interstate 280 shoulder fatally wounding all but one of its occupants Friday at Redwood City.

The Kaur-Singh family from Santa Clara was stopped off the shoulder on I-280 north of Edgewood Road because one of the tires in the Lexus they were in was no longer functional. They were en route to the airport to catch a plane that would get them to Texas where they would meet up with out of state family members for the holidays.

While they were pulled over to the side of the road a Volkswagen SUV barreled towards their immobile vehicle and caused a fatal collision. The crash killed mother Manjit Kaur, 48; her son, Manpreet Singh, 28; and daughter, Jasdeep Kaur, 21.  Amarjit Singh Multani, 56, father and husband, survived the impact.

Jarnail Singh, 26, was the only immediate member of the family not in the car. Jarnail told Mercury News on Sunday he was thankful his father had been spared, but was having a hard time dealing with the loss of his loved ones.

“Half my family is dead,” he said. “I’m barely holding myself together.”

Supporting family members and friends from Amritsar, India to Dallas, Texas are planning to flood into the Santa Clara home of Jarnail Singh — that was once shared with his family — to hold a memorial sometime this week.

Manpreet Singh a manager at San Jose gym, Bay Area Family Fitness, took some time off to drive his sister, mother and father to the San Francisco International Airport, where the family would catch their flight to Dallas. His plan was to head back to work after he dropped them off, but that did not end up happening. He was driving his sisters’ 1997 Lexus that somehow got a flat tire on the way to the airport. Manpreet and was forced to drive the vehicle to the shoulder along the center divider at around 3:10 p.m.

As soon as the family members were preparing to contact someone for help, their vehicle was struck from the rear according to Jarnail.

G.A. Smith, 82, from San Jose who was alone in a 2013 Volkswagen SUV struck the rear of their Lexus. Police allege that Smith was traveling at a “high rate of speed” prior to smashing into the Lexus. He is now under investigation for possible charges as a result of the crash.

California Highway Patrol Officer Art Montiel said Smith was hospitalized Saturday with serious injuries and had undergone surgery.

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