An investigation into a weekend tour bus crash that killed at least 7 and injured dozens of others has revealed that the bus and its owner had been repeatedly cited for safety issues.

In October of last year, Scapadas Magicas, the company who owns the bus, was cited for eight safety deficiencies uncovered during a roadside checkup, including a damaged windscreen, and a lack of a properly installed fire extinguisher. In July, the bus was again cited for a faulty windscreen along with faulty brakes, and in May, the bus’ wheel fasteners were found to be either loose or missing.

In total, federal inspectors have found 59 safety violations on buses owned and operated by Scapadas Magicas, though former officials from the company themselves say that none of their buses had ever been involved in an accident prior to this incident, and that they had always complied with regulations handed down from the US Transportation Department.

The accident itself took place on Sunday at around 6:30 p.m. on State Route 38 near Yucaipa, where the bus was bringing a group of 38 tourists back home to Mexico from a skiing trip in Big Bear. While descending from the mountain, the bus clipped a small sedan and swerved into oncoming traffic before overturning and rolling over a pickup truck.

At least seven people were pronounced dead at the scene by the county coroner’s office, and dozens more were injured. As of Tuesday morning six of the seven victims have been identified: 61 year old Guadalupe Olivas, 40 year old Garcia Jimenez, and 13 year old Victor Cabrera Garcia, all from San Diego, along with 32 year old Mario Garcia Santoyo, 38 year old Aleida Adriana Arce Hernandez, and 34 year old Rubicelia Escobedo Flores, all from Tijuana, Mexico.

Those who were not belted into the bus were thrown from the vehicle in the crash, according to the California Highway Patrol, creating a disastrous scene with bodies and debris strewn across the entire highway. Of the many injured victims in the crash sent to the hospital, two, including one small child, remain in critical condition.

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