Portions of the I-405 will be shut down by construction crews throughout the weekend of Saturday, June 2, according to Orange County transportation authorities.

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The northbound side of the I-405 will be closed between Valley View Street and Seal Beach Boulevard from Wednesday through Saturday from the hours of 12 to 5 a.m.

The Orange County Transportation Authority said that the closure is due to demolition activities that need to take place as part of the construction through the area.

Another section of the northbound I-405 will be closed from Seal Beach Boulevard to the I-605 on Tuesday through Thursday from 12 to 5 a.m. The southbound side of the same section of freeway will be closed from 12 to 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

This construction project is part of a $277 million project that is attempting to address the massive traffic congestion that occurs at the intersection of the I-405, the 22 and the I-605. The goal of the project is to connect several of the carpool lanes so that motorists in do not have to switch lanes when they merge onto a different freeway.

According to officials from the Orange County Transportation Authority, the project will help reduce gridlock, improve the situation for carpoolers by allowing them to change lanes more easily and adding more space to a portion of freeway that sees more than 300,000 vehicles every day.

The Orange County Transportation Authority suggests following several different detours during the closures.

For avoidance of the northbound closures take the Valley View Street exit from the westbound 22, then take a left on Katella Avenue and drive west until you hit the northbound I-605.

You could also exit on Westminster Avenue from the northbound I-405, then continue to Seal Beach Boulevard and take a right. From there you can take a left on Katella Avenue to access the northbound I-605.

From the southbound closures, take the exit at Studebaker road and continue south, then turn left on Westminster Avenue to take the southbound I-405 or continue east on Westminster Avenue before turning left on Goldenwest Street to take the eastbound 22.

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