Police are on the lookout for two drivers suspected of street racing and causing a fiery accident late Sunday night in Boyle Heights.

According to local accident reports, the crash took place just after midnight in the 2700 block of Washington Boulevard, where police and firefighters arrived on the scene to find an SUV and a Corvette tangled in a pile of twisted metal and on fire, though neither driver was anywhere to be seen.

Shortly before the accident was reported, police received calls about two vehicles street racing and doing donuts in the middle of the road. Only a minute after receiving the call about the fiery accident, it was reported that the SUV had been stolen.

Witnesses to the accident said that there were as many as 50 parked cars surrounding the scene where the two vehicles had allegedly been racing in an obvious attempt to recreate scenes from the movie The Fast and the Furious.

The crash forced the closure of both lanes of Washington Boulevard as firefighters put out the flames and cleanup crews removed the charred vehicles from the scene. Most of the engine bay of the Corvette was gutted, and the SUV was reduced to a steel frame.

At this time police investigators are assuming that the drivers involved in the crash were picked up and taken away from the scene. A thorough investigation into the ordeal has been launched to try to track them down. An initial search through area hospitals for any recent admissions over accident injury patients has yielded no results so far.

Anyone with information about the drivers or who may have witnessed the accident is being asked to notify the Boyle Heights Police Department as soon as possible.

Street racing is extremely dangerous, not only for drivers involved, but for bystanders and other motorists on the road as well. It is fortunate that no other drivers were hurt in the crash, as high speed accidents carry a high likelihood of inflicting major injuries.

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