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Three LA police officers were injured after their cruiser was forced off the road and onto a parked car early Saturday evening in South Los Angeles.

According to accident reports, the crash took place just after 4:30 p.m. at the intersection of 108th Street and Avalon Boulevard, where a police cruiser was responding to call for backup at 103rd and Wilmington Avenue and was forced to swerve out of the way of traffic when other vehicles failed to yield to their police sirens.

In the attempt to avoid contact with the inept drivers in the intersection, the police car lost control and rolled off the side of the road, coming to rest on top of a parked car.

Firefighters were needed at the scene to cut the officers out of the vehicle, as its doors had been destroyed and rendered useless. All three officers inside the vehicle suffered relatively minor injuries and were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. They were ultimately unable to provide backup to the other officers.

Though early indications point to a failure to yield to a police vehicle with its sirens running, residents in the area suggest the accident may have been inevitable.

“The failure to clear the way for the police car may have been unintentional or unavoidable,” said one nearby home owner. “The residential side streets in this area can be very narrow, not even wide enough for two cars to pass each other going opposite directions if the curbsides are parked up.”

Narrow roadways or not, all drivers have the legal responsibility to yield the road to police, firefighters, and ambulances when their sirens are engaged. These emergency vehicles need to get to their intended destinations as quickly as possible and clogging up active lanes only slows them down, and also creates the possibility for accidents such as this.

These three officers are lucky to have escaped with only minor injuries, as a high speed accident ending on top of another vehicle could have easily inflicted much more serious, or even fatal, damage.

For victims injured in accidents like these, there are legal protections put in place to help them recover from the damages they have suffered. With the help of a well-qualified Los Angeles car accident attorney, compensation can be earned from those at fault in your accident to pay off any financial burdens.

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