A police chase was brought to a sudden conclusion when the vehicle being pursued lost control and crashed into a building Thursday afternoon in Tarzana.

According to local police reports, the ordeal began at around 1 p.m. in the westbound lanes of Ventura Boulevard, where a vehicle was spotted traveling at approximately 80 miles per hour, well above the legal limit. A short chase then ensured as the driver of the speeding vehicle refused to yield. While racing through the 19900 block of Ventura Boulevard, the vehicle then appeared to lose control and veer off the road into the storefront of a dry cleaning business.

The crash inflicted major damages to the vehicle, whose make and model became indistinguishable. Significant damages were also done to the dry cleaner’s front entrance, which was scattered with splintered concrete and shattered glass. Emergency crews were rushed to the scene to remove the driver of the vehicle, a 25 year old woman, who was trapped inside. Upon being freed, she was taken to a nearby hospital where she is listed in fair condition. Additional information about the woman’s identity has not yet been released.

Following the accident, police closed down the immediate area surrounding the accident to allow for extensive cleanup, and for a building inspector to assess the damages done to the building. A tow truck was needed to remove the woman’s vehicle from the crash site, as the engine block was separated from it during the accident. “I guess it could be worse,” said the owner of the building, which will not need to be demolished. “The city engineer came and said they don’t have to red tag the building.”

At this time, no charges have been filed, as the accident is still under investigation, though multiple are likely on the way.

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