Pedestrian-vehicle accidents have decreased by 63% because of the presence of ‘countdown clocks’ in the City. They are present at 14 intersections and there are plans for more.

They are welcomed by pedestrians. Ninety-two percent of the public are in favor of their presence.

A representative from the Automobile Association of America says they work and they save lives.

People say they feel safer with the ‘countdown clocks’ and they make street crossing easier.

Six hundred pedestrians are killed each year in California by auto accidents. Another 14,000 are injured.

People are giving positive reports about the clocks.

The number of seconds allowed to cross the street may be adjusted by City engineers according to the width of the street and the amount of traffic on the street.

The clocks are already in use in other cities in California. They help people time their walks and make informed choices about when to cross.

The Energy Commission has allocated $1 million for the installation of clocks City wide.

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Source: San Francisco ChronicleThree Girls Injured In Car Crash