A pedestrian was knocked to the ground by a Riverside County sheriff’s patrol car Thursday afternoon in Old Town Temecula.

According to local accident reports, the collision took place at around 2:30 p.m. on Old Town Front Street near Santiago Road where two pedestrians were yelling across the street to one another. One then being walking out into the street to get closer to the other just as a patrol car was passing by.

The officer inside the cruiser, a corporal, saw the pedestrian making his way into the road and swerved to avoid him. A direct collision was avoided, but the yelling pedestrian was still clipped and knocked to the ground. Fortunately, the man suffered no serious injuries, and did not require a hospital visit. He was treated on the scene for minimal scrapes and bruises.

An investigation launched by the Temecula-area office of the California Highway Patrol showed that the patrol car was heading south at the time of the incident, and was traveling at around 30 miles per hour, which some local residents believed was much too fast for that particular portion of Front Street.

The pedestrian is lucky to have avoided more serious injury, as walking into active traffic lanes to be better heard by someone across the street is rarely a smart idea. Drivers and pedestrians share the responsibility of honoring each other’s right of way, and avoiding compromising situations like this that can result in serious or fatal accidents.

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