At least four people were injured late Sunday night in Hollywood when a speeding SUV crashed into another vehicle and overturned, spilling a passenger—and a hand gun— onto the sidewalk.

According to witness reports and the Los Angeles Police Department, the crash took place just before midnight on Sunset Boulevard near Gardener Street, where a Ford Explorer SUV traveling at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour clipped the back of a BMW sedan, causing the vehicle to lose control, crash onto the sidewalk, and overturn before finally coming to rest back on its wheels.

As the SUV rolled, a passenger was ejected from the vehicle, along with a hand gun, identified by a witness. “I saw a gun in the sidewalk and I covered it with a T-shirt”, said the witness, who remained anonymous, adding that a male passenger from the SUV then “pushed me away, grabbed the gun and walked down the road. I don’t know what he did with the gun.”

The passenger thrown from the SUV was meanwhile rushed to a nearby hospital in serious condition. Two others in the BMW were hospitalized, and at least one additional victim was treated at the scene for minor injuries. The driver of the SUV was also arrested on felony DUI charges after failing a sobriety test. The vehicle’s other passengers were held for a brief time as well but were not expected to be charged.

Following the accident, police closed down the immediate area surrounding Sunset Boulevard to allow for crews to remove the vehicles involved from the road, and for a more thorough investigation of the scene. At this time there is no word on any possible ramifications for the gun, allegedly loaded, that was found at the scene. After a few hours, all lanes were reopened.

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