An early morning accident left a truck on its side and its contents spilled across multiple lanes of Interstate 5 Wednesday in San Clemente.

According to the California Highway Patrol officer Gabe Montoya, the accident took place just before 6:50 a.m. on the northbound lanes of the major highway at the Avenida Pico off-ramp.

At the time, the particulars of the accident are unknown. It is still being determined if another vehicle was involved the crash that put the work truck on its side, or if it was a single vehicle accident with driver error to blame.

Upon rolling on its side, the truck spilled its cargo of paint and cement mix across multiple lanes, forcing closures for several hours as crews worked to mop up the swampy mess.

The occupants of the truck, Kenneth Wallis and Jose Carlos, both from Oceanside, sustained minor injuries in the crash, though little to no medical attention was required. The truck itself faired much worse, having most of its windows smashed in and all of its right side scrapped to bits.

Caltrans workers were able to clean up the mess and drag the vehicle from the scene just before 9 a.m., just in time for a major traffic backup throughout the area.

Navigating on-ramps and off-ramps can be difficult, especially in top heavy trucks and vans. Attempting to accelerate too quickly can see your vehicle being forced to the outer edges of the ramp, needing sharp cornering to avoid. In these situations, rollovers can happen.

It can be intimidating approaching a fast moving freeway while still travelling at relatively low speeds through an on-ramp, or vice versa on an off-ramp, but it is important to accelerate or decelerate to the flow of traffic in a steady and under control fashion, left you find yourself in an accident.

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