A deputy from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was put in the hospital after smashing into the wall of a church early Thursday morning in South Los Angeles.

At this time there are few details that have been released, although the known information is that the crash took place at about 6:15 a.m. at Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church at the intersection of West 92nd Street and South Normandie Avenue.

Guillermina Saldana, a spokeswoman at the Sheriff’s Department, has reported that the deputy was responding to a call when the crash took place.

The collision put a major, car sized hole into the wall of the old church and largely destroyed the front end of the police cruiser. Most of the front quarter of the vehicle was totally reduced to bits of twisted metal.

It appears that no other vehicles were involved in the crash, and that the deputy, whose identity is also being withheld, was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of injuries described as non-life threatening.

The accident forced the closure of the intersection as the wrecked car and debris from the church wall were cleared from the street. Police who were fortunate enough not to crash into the church were also on site looking for any indicators of what may have led to the crash.

Although no other vehicles were directly involved in the crash, there is still a possibility that another driver forced the deputy into an evasive maneuver that sent him into the building. More information about the accident will be released after an investigation has been completed.

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