New vehicle tracking in car accident

Harmless electronics in your new vehicle now serve dual intent. GPS systems designed to help you navigate during a trip also record every place your vehicle travels. Seatbelts designed to restrain passengers don’t stop there, they also track vehicle activity. Data is then stored to a sturdy black box under the hood. This box is designed to stay together even after your car gets wrecked. Recorded activity leading up to the crash will remain accessible. Parties that don’t have your best interest in mind in the event of a crash may be able to gather this information.

Recorded data from your vehicle can benefit others who did not help you pay for your car. And in the event of a crash that gets investigated, it is possible that they can go through your driving habits data. When the wrong party gets a hold of your black box they can misconstrue this information so that they make the accident seem like it was your fault. And if that wasn’t enough, your data could be sold to other parties who are looking for additional ways to make money off you.

Even if you had the cash-flow these mega companies and third-parties carry in case of an accident on-hand, there is no reason you should pay with your own money. An accident resulting in injuries to you should be paid by those who caused the accident. It is important that you have a car accident attorney on your side every step of the way after you received injuries or damages in a car wreck.

Our experienced attorneys know that a proper investigation is important in laying out the facts to win your case. At AA Accident Attorneys we know what it takes to win a case. We’ve held a 98% success rate since the firm was opened in the 90’s. It is hard to fool our attorneys because they don’t play games with insurance adjusters, involved parties, or their companies.

It is more important than ever to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Car accident attorneys from AA Accident Attorneys fight hard for their clients. In some rare cases where insurance companies or third parties do not cooperate, they take them to court. Because electronic technology is taking over modern times and ways that humans experienced the world thousands of years before us is changing its important to get someone that understands change on your side.

Some changes are for the good, others for the bad, and some can be a catch-22. Take navigation systems for example, they’ll help you navigate and they will track you. However, you may think that because you don’t have a navigation system your new vehicle is incapable of tracking you. Wrong. It can track you through a wireless device or that fancy infotainment system with internet music apps and the like.
Instruments in your new vehicle allow the tracking of its travels, driving habits, and its mechanical condition. Measuring equipment in the vehicle can track how fast it’s accelerating, decelerating, where it’s located, and frequency of visits to a location. It can also tell if people aboard are using a seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion.

Information captured in black boxes is not always accurate but insurance companies will try to convince you that they are accurate. This is something that they would have to prove. Show them their threats don’t intimidate you. We will fight for you, Call AA Accident Attorneys today contact us!