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Serious Injury Demands Serious Action.

A serious injury robs you of your security. What once seemed easy, whether it was driving to work, paying your bills, or playing with your children, can become an incredible challenge after an accident. And if your injury lingers, its effects can stay with you for life. Imagine not being able to work again, not being able to drive due to post-traumatic stress, not being able to bend down and pick up your child when they want your attention. Now add the psychological cost of knowing that your life will never be the same from living in constant pain. Depression may set in. It can become more and more difficult to just get through the day, let alone think about how you’re going to support yourself from month to month in your condition.

But there’s a way to get back your security and independence.

AA Accident Attorneys Are on Your Side

Regardless of how you were injured, our professional Needles personal injury and car accident lawyers will provide you with the best legal advice and guidance to help turn your life around. If you’ve suffered any of the following, AA Accident Attorneys can help:

Car, Bus, Motorcycle,and Watercraft
Pedestrian accidents
• And many more injury or accident situations not listed here

Our Needles personal injury lawyers will come to you at a convenient location. We’ll sit down with you to provide a full legal consultation regarding your injury ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. We’ll review your story, go over the facts and applicable Needles personal injury laws, and provide you with our legal advice and options in plain English. All for no cost. You pay us ONLY if we recover money for you.

How We Help You

Our Needles car accident and personal injury lawyers have been able to recover significant compensation for our clients that help them address a number of areas, including:

• Restitution for loss of income, wages, or salary
• Worker’s compensation annuities
• Medical bill coverage
• Coverage of household maintenance and upkeep expenses
• Payment of medical, drug, and hospital costs above and beyond what your existing insurance will provide
• Long-term disability payments
• Compensation for pain and suffering
• And many other areas

A Serious Team Working for Your Security

Working with AA Accident Attorneys gives you the comfort of knowing that the most experienced, professional legal team is on your side, working to restore your peace of mind and security. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients, but the most important thing we can give you is certainty for the future so you can focus on your recovery.

For consultation, and to speak with an injury attorney directly – contact us immediately at 1.800.260.2577.