A speeding motorcycle rider is recovering in a hospital after crashing into the back of an SUV on Interstate 15 late Sunday night in San Diego.

According to accident reports, the crash took place at around 11:15 p.m. in the northbound lanes of the freeway near the Pomerado Road exit where an erratically driven motorcycle smashed into the back of a Jeep Wrangler SUV.

The impact knocked the rider off his bike and onto the road, though he escaped further impact from other vehicles. His motorcycle was not as lucky however, as at least five vehicles crashed into it as it tumbled along the highway before coming to a stop in bits and pieces across all lanes.

A second motorcycle was also on the scene, reportedly weaving in and out of traffic with the motorcycle in the accident, according to witnesses. That biker pulled over at the scene of the crash, it is unclear if he will face any criminal charges or citations.

Upon their arrival to the crash site, paramedics took the downed rider to nearby Palomar Medical Center where he is being treated for serious injuries. Neither of the two occupants of the Jeep SUV was injured.

The accident forced the closure of multiple lanes of the 134 as the debris from the motorcycle was gathered up and moved from the scene. All lanes were reopened after only a short delay.

San Diego police investigators are currently looking into the particulars of the accident to determine what was in play in the accident, and if anything else was at fault aside from the unsafe speeds and maneuvering from the motorcycle riders.

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