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A motorcycle rider was seriously hurt after failing to navigate a left hand turn at high speeds and sliding underneath a transit bus Sunday afternoon in Lakeside.

According to Brian Pennings, an information officer from the California Highway Patrol, 27-year-old Julian Kratt was riding is custom 2009 motorcycle in the northbound lanes of Winter Gardens Boulevard at 3:50 p.m. when he attempted to make a left hand turn at approximately 70 miles per hour, which was ultimately unsuccessful.

“He laid the motorcycle down into the southbound lane and he was ejected and came to rest underneath a transit bus that was stopped on the west shoulder of the southbound lane,” said Pennings. “He was wedged underneath the transit bus until an emergency crew could extricate him.”

Officer Pennings also noted that Kratt was not wearing a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation, and that he suffered major injuries and trauma. He was taken by air to nearby Sharp Memorial Hospital where he is still listed in critical condition.

The full cause of the accident is still being investigated, though it appears that the main cause is nothing more than a careless maneuver attempted at too high a speed. An initial look into the accident has shown that drugs or alcohol were likely not involved.

The crash forced the closure of lanes on Winter Gardens as crews dragged the custom motorcycle from the scene and paramedics and fire crews rescued to rider from underneath the bus. All lanes were reopened a short time later.

Kratt is fortunate that his dangerous high speed maneuver did not result in an accident that harmed others in the area. This kind of reckless riding can easily create situations that can become fatal accidents for drivers and riders through the area.

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