A motorcyclist was killed during an apparent race with three other motorcycles after crashing into the back of a pickup truck early Friday morning in Chula Vista.

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, the accident took place just before 2 a.m. in the northbound lanes of Interstate 805 near Sweetwater Road, where four motorcycles were spotted traveling down the highway in excess of 100 miles per hour.

As the group came upon a pocket of slower moving traffic, two were able to navigate through the congestion while the third, a black 2007 Yamaha sport bike, smashed into the back of a Dodge Ram pickup truck, sending its rider, a 27 year old National City resident who has yet to be identified, onto the pavement where he died. The fourth motorcycle, a 2003 Honda, swerved to avoid the collision and lost control, also jettisoning its rider, who then got into another vehicle and left the scene. The driver of the pickup truck was unhurt, and no other vehicles appear to have been involved.

Following the accident, police just down all northbound lanes of the 805 for nearly four hours as police scoured the scene for any indicators of where the riders may have gone. Anyone who may have seen the accident or who has any information on any of the riders involved is being asked to contact the CHP as soon as possible. Traffic through the area was diverted onto the state Route 54 east, which was already congested because of construction. All lanes of the 805 freeway were finally reopened at 5:45 a.m.

On the highway, racing presents a serious danger for both those involved and those around them. The high speeds and dangerous maneuvers required in racing create a serious accident potential that can easily result in the loss of life for drivers involved or otherwise.

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