A motorcycle rider was killed after being struck by a wayward bit of landscaping debris early Saturday morning on a Mission Valley freeway connector in San Diego.

According to the county Medical Examiner’s Office, 40 year old Robert R. Jauregui of Pacific Beach was killed after being struck in the face by a bit of stray debris on the ramp from the eastbound lanes of Interstate 8 to the northbound State Route 163 just before 8:30 a.m.

Witnesses immediately called for emergency aid, and California Highway Patrol officers arrived on the scene to find the rider in the left lane of the underpass more than 100 yards away from the downed 2011 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Rescue crews attempted to revive Jauregui at the scene, but were ultimately unable to do so, and he was eventually pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

An initial investigation into the accident has found that drugs or alcohol were not factors in the crash. Outside of the unfortunate bit of landscaping waste, there did not appear to anything else that influenced the crash.

The connector ramps from both directions of Interstate 8 to the northbound State Route 163 were closed down to allow for cleanup crews to clear away the wrecked motorcycle and investigators to fully uncover what led to the accident, though it appears to be nothing more than an unfortunate accident. All lanes were reopened a few hours later.

Motorcycle riders face an increased level of danger on the road compared to their automobile driver compatriots. Being so exposed to the elements, stray debris which can be nothing more than an annoyance in a car can become a fatal accident on a motorcycle.

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