The purpose of this Chapter of the U.S. Code is to decrease auto accidents which result in deaths and injuries. It is to provide standards for motor vehicles and to encourage research in the area.

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A motor vehicle standard may be effectuated if its requirements are higher or at the same level as current standards.

The antitrust laws remain in effect.

A person remains liable to common law in addition to the Motor Vehicle Safety Chapter of the U. S. Code.

For the fiscal year beginning in 1999 and ending in 2001, $98,313,500 was allocated to the NHTSA for the administration of the Chapter. No money was allocated for lobbying. If necessary an employee of the U.S. Government may testify before any legislative body.

Owners of rented or leased vehicles are not liable for injury when the auto becomes involved in an accident if the owner is in the business of renting or leasing the vehicle, and there is no wrongdoing on the part of the owner.

All laws regarding financial responsibility pertaining to motor vehicles shall not supersede this Code. Any injury occurring on or before this section becomes effective shall be valid.

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Standards and Compliance

The Secretary of Transportation will create motor vehicle standards which are appropriate to general motor vehicle safety.

The Secretary will be well briefed on issues related to motor vehicle safety.

The Secretary will consult with appropriate resources.

The Secretary will consider the appropriateness of proposed standards.

The Secretary will determine whether the proposed standard reflects the true meaning of the title.

The effective date of the standard cannot be before the 180th day of the creation of the standard or after 1 year of is creation. The Secretary has the power to set an arbitrary effective date.

The Secretary will establish a 5 year plan to test motor vehicle standards. Aspects of the plan are open to the Secretary’s discretion.

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