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Motor vehicles that are sold or imported must be sold or imported on or after the effective date of the Motor Vehicle Standard unless the motor already complies with the standard and holds a certification.

School buses must comply with the provisions of this title that are applicable to school buses.

Defective vehicles may not be sold or imported if notice has been given. Vehicles for which the recall has been repaired are allowed.

This section does not apply to used cars. Nor does it apply to a person that does not know that his/her car does not meet motor vehicle standards.

This section does not apply to a new car which is sold without the knowledge of noncompliance which is issued a certificate of compliance by the manufacturer.

The section further does not apply to defective vehicles which have received notice.

This section does not apply to:

  • vehicles labeled for export
  • vehicles that the Secretary deems in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Standard
  • vehicles which have received an exemption that are imported for personal use
  • a vehicles imported by a person who works outside of the U.S.
  • vehicles imported on a temporary basis
  • motor vehicles requiring further manufacturing
  • vehicles which are 25 years old or older

General Exemption

The definition of a ‘low-emission motor vehicle’ is one which meets the standards of The Clean Air Act with low air pollutant emissions.

The Secretary may arbitrarily grantBakersfield accident lawyerexemption to vehicles which meet the requirements of this section.

The Secretary will provide a proceeding for applicants who are filing for an exemption.

The Secretary will publish notice and create an opportunity for the public to comment.

The Secretary may act on appropriately filed exemptions.

*         *          *

The Secretary may deem motor vehicles exempt that he views are appropriate.

Certificates of Compliance

A manufacturer may certify a vehicle for compliance with this chapter. False certificates may not be issued. A tag must be attached to the vehicle to verify certification.

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Source: NHTSA


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