A woman and her daughter were killed in a collision with a boat piloted by a man suspected of boating while intoxicated Saturday evening on Englebright Lake in Yuba County.

According to the local sheriff’s department, the accident took place just before 7 p.m., where 42 year old Cynthia Peterlin, her daughter Sophi, 12, and husband Paul, 42, were enjoying a smooth sail on the calm lake, which borders Yuba and Nevada counties, when they were struck by another boat being piloted by 53 year old Jeffrey Sandow of Auburn.

The force of the collision knocked both Cynthia and Sophi from the boat and seriously injured Paul, who was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Rescue crews combed over the lake for nearly an hour until the two bodies were eventually found and brought to the surface. At least one person on board Sandow’s boat was injured as well.

An investigation into the accident has shown that Sandow was under the influence of alcohol and the time of the collision. He was arrested on suspicion of boating while intoxicated and charged with two counts of manslaughter.

Residents in the area often complain that the lake is too narrow and filled with too many slow moving boats for faster moving vessels to safely traverse the waters. “They want to go so fast, there are plenty of large lakes in California and Nevada, being so close by, where they can actually go out and exercise those boats – not here,” said Pat Newell, who owns a houseboat on the lake.

Others argue that the incident demonstrated nothing more than the dangers of operating a boat under the influence. “Biggest thing is not to drink and driver, where you’re in a vehicle or boat. It’s just not safe”, said another boater.

Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is dangerous, be it an automobile, boat, train, or airplane. Although the threat of serious accidents seems much lower than in an automobile, dangerous and even fatal boating crashes can and do happen.

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