Authorities arrested a minivan driver early Wednesday in connection with a Mid-City vehicle collision and crashing into a home. The driver attempted to flee the scene of the accidents but was apprehended by authorities. There were no injuries.

At approximately 2:30 a.m. near the Vermont Avenue exit a man operating a minivan crashed on the 10 Freeway with another vehicle and jettisoned from the scene. Not to be left with paying damages on their own, the driver of the hit vehicle followed the run-away minivan out of the freeway through a Mid-City neighborhood.

During the chase, the minivan driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a family home on the 1600 block of Norton Avenue with a loud bang. All of the people in the residence were awoken in the shook home.

“The next thing I know, I see a car in my door,” resident Betty Monroy told NBC Los Angeles.

First the minivan ran over a curb, crossed the sidewalk, crashed through a chain-linked fence and then crossed through the front yard running over a few lawn ornaments before it finally smashed through the front door of the house.

The driver exited the wrecked vehicle uninjured and ran on foot from the scene.

“There’s a girl whose bedroom is right next to that door,” a neighbor told NBC4. “My first reaction was, ‘Something happened to her.’ I ran inside the house and everyone was ok.”

Authorities arrived on the scene and found the minivan driver. He was arrested on the spot on suspicion of drunken driving.

No injuries were reported.

The minivan was pulled from the front yard of the home and towed away. The fence was left knocked over and the yard was carpeted with debris left behind by the vehicle. A bedroom wall and the front door of the home were damaged.

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