A midair collision between two single engine planes killed one pilot and injured three others Monday afternoon in Westlake Village.

According to preliminary reports from the Federal Aviation Administration, the crash took place at around 2 p.m. in the Santa Monica Mountains about eight miles east northeast of Ventura, where two Cessna single engine planes collided in air, sending one into the side of a mountain, and the other crash landing onto the Westlake Golf Course. At least one of the planes had taken off from the Santa Monica Airport, the other is suspected to have done the same, though it has not been confirmed.

Following the crash, rescue teams from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to find the plane that had gone down in the mountains. By Monday evening, a body was found near Mulholland Highway and Las Virgenes Road. Department spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed in a statement that rescue crews have “identified the wreckage of a single-seat airplane with a single occupant”, who was killed.

The second plane had come to rest in the third fairway of the golf course after clipping a tree and spinning 180 degrees, according to 47 year old Aaron Jesse, who witnessed the crash. “They landed in the center of the fairway,” he told reporters on the scene. “All we heard was a thud and then he made a gentle bounce and slid down the center of the fairway, veering to the left.”

Fire department officials reported that the landing gear was still up when the plane crashed landed. Each of the three passengers aboard the plane suffered injuries as a result of the crash, though none are considered life threatening. At least one complained of back pain and was taken to the hospital for closer examination.

At this time, it is unclear what may have caused the two planes to collide. The FFA and National Transportation Safety Board have announced a formal investigation into the crash, which could take several months to complete.

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