A downed mattress in active lanes of Interstate 805 caused a solo vehicle accident that sent two to the hospital late Tuesday night in San Diego.

According to accident reports, the mishap took place at around 10 p.m. on the major thoroughfare, near the Adams Avenue exit, where a car was motoring down the southbound lanes and came upon a mattress in its path.

Unable to dodge the obstacle in time, the driver plowed directly over it, causing the vehicle to lose control, swerve through multiple lanes and crash into the highway’s center divider.

The vehicle, a black Honda Accord, suffered moderate damage to its right front end, with the front bumper bent into the wheel well, preventing it from being able to drive from the scene.

Of the four occupants inside the vehicle, only two sustained any noticeable injuries, and they were taken to a nearby hospital mostly as a precautionary measure for treatment of largely minor damages.

The accident forced the momentary closure of the far left lane as the vehicle was removed from the highway as well as the devious mattress, whose origin is unknown.

Residents in the area have noted that furniture pieces like mattresses are a less than uncommon occurrence on San Diego’s highways. “Some people don’t think that if they don’t tie their mattresses that the wind is going to blow them off their vehicles,” said one local.

Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in the crash, and no other accidents resulted from the downed mattress. There is no indication as to where the mattress came from, and there is little possibility that an owner will be found.

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