Beaches are Closed; Coastal Fisheries are Closed; Economic is Activity Suspended; Wildlife is Harmed

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (October 5, 2021) – One of the largest oil spills in recent history in Southern California is causing dramatic environmental and economic damage. A slow response to the massive oil spill that is contaminating ocean waters, beaches, and wetlands could make the damage more extensive, and linger for decades.

Hours before Amplify Energy–the company that owns the leaking oil pipeline–reported the spill, the Coast Guard received reports on Friday night from an anchored ship that an oil slick was seen in the ocean just off the coast of Huntington Beach, according to the Associated Press.

Roughly 126,000 gallons of heavy crude have spilled into coastal waters from the leaking pipeline, and came ashore, first contaminating beaches in Huntington Beach. The oil spill has affected Newport Beach, and other communities.

  • Beaches are closed, impacting the local economy.
  • Coastal fisheries closed, including recreational and commercial fishing economic activities from Huntington Beach down to Dana Point.
  • Wildlife and ecosystems are being harmed, and environmental and ecological damage could linger for decades.

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