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English: Medical grade Nitrous Oxide tanks use...
English: Medical grade Nitrous Oxide tanks used in dentistry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deciding to operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never a good idea. Both substances impair judgment and motor skills, which can lead to automobile wrecks and risk the safety of others.

Authorities are investigating an individual for allegedly driving under the influence of nitrous oxide and causing a collision that injured five people Monday night. They found a tank of nitrous oxide inside one of the wrecked vehicle at the scene, per a sheriff’s lieutenant.

At approximately 10:15 p.m. the driver lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Imperial Highway, Lt. Todd Deeds of the Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lynwood Station told reporters.

No life-threatening injuries were reported to have happened in the crash.

Authorities detained the driver that had the tank of nitrous oxide in his car but as of Monday he had not been booked, per Deeds.

At least a minivan and two cars were reportedly involved in the crash. Reports have not made it clear which of the vehicles was being driven by the detained man.

Per a Press-Telegram photographer, a woman at the scene appeared to have suffered a serious head injury.

Nitrous oxide has many aliases; the most common is laughing gas. It is used at the dentists’ and surgeons’ office for anesthetic and analgesic purposes. Others use it as way to increase the power output of engines for motor racing or rocketry and call it NOS.

People that have used the gas claim to experience euphoric effects. This had led some people to use the gas recreationally, which can be dangerous for people behind the wheel because it can be mind-altering.

Per various sources, recreational use of nitrous oxide began in 1799 when the British upper class threw laughing gas parties. It was curious for most people that this gas caused them to have depersonalization, de-realization, dizziness, euphoria, and for some to experience some form of sound distortion. Others found that taking nitrous oxide also increased suggestibility and imagination.

It was not until the mid-1800s that is use began to be more wide spread. Various sources state that it was not uncommon that people that were at parties where individuals who partake in a medical field that uses the gas partook in inhaling it.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never a smart choice. If you were injured in a wreck caused by another who was under the influence, contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer today. You may be entitled to compensation that can cover your financial losses. AA Accident attorneys will listen to your case for free, so contact us today!