A Los Angeles man was caught allegedly driving a stolen vehicle while being in possession of vehicle-burglary tools, police said. He was arrested Friday when the car he was driving was identified as stolen and pulled over.

The automatic license-plate reader of an officer’s patrol car scanned the plate of a vehicle driving buy and it registered it was stolen, said Glendale Police spokeswoman Tahnee Lightfoot. The patrol was happening near Los Feliz Road and Gardena Avenue.

The officer pulled over the 1006 Honda Accord driven by Erick Moya, 20, of Los Angeles, at Central Avenue and Cypress Street, Lightfoot said. There was also a 48-year-old unidentified passenger in the vehicle.

A search turned up a screwdriver in Moya’s pants pocket as well as a set of four different keys for four different vehicle makes. The keys were shaved down for the purpose of breaking into vehicles, said Lightfoot.

Once the officer was verified stolen, Moya was taken into the custody on suspicion of driving of a stolen vehicle as well as possessing car-burglary tools.

According to Lightfoot, the passenger was not connected to the incident and was released at the scene.

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Source: Glendale News-Press