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PORTER RANCH, CA (October 25, 2022) – Magnus Joseph Robinson, and another teen, were killed in a head-on crash in Porter Ranch on Saturday. The October 22 crash occurred on Reseda Boulevard.

Reports say, according to a family member, Magnus Robinson had been traveling as a passenger in a vehicle–described as a Honda CRV–and that he was with five friends.

The group were returning from visiting a scenic overlook, and reports say police allege the Honda’s driver was traveling down Reseda Boulevard at a fast speed.

For reasons that are not known, the vehicle went out of the driver’s control. The Honda went into the lane of opposing traffic and collided head-on with another vehicle–described as a Toyota Venza.

After the initial crash, the Honda hit a Volkswagen Jetta that was parked.

Reports say video from a surveillance camera recorded the incident.

Responders found Magnus was trapped in the wreckage of the Honda. They pronounced him deceased at the crash site.

Magnus Robinson was 16 years old.

Responders transported a teen girl to the hospital. The patient died in the hospital.

She was identified only as 14 years old. Her name has not been reported.

Reports say a man and his two children who were traveling in the Toyota suffered injuries that were described as minor.

A woman who was inside the parked Volkswagen also suffered injuries that were minor, reports say.

Responders transported the driver of the Honda to the hospital. The types of injuries he suffered, and his current condition, are not known.

He was identified only as 20 years old. His name has not been reported.

Magnus Robinson’s relative was reported to have said that all of the people who were traveling in the Honda were all friends, and all resident of Panorama City.

Investigators are in the process of collecting information and details to understand the crash.

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