A MTA bus driver was killed after colliding with a flat-bed tow truck in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday morning.

At around 5 a.m. emergency respondents were called to the scene that occurred at the southwest corner of 5th Street and Broadway.

When officials arrived at the scene they noticed that the tow truck had slammed into a 7-Eleven and they attended to a store clerk who suffered minor injuries.

Medical respondents extricated the bus driver and transported both, the bus driver and the tow truck to an area hospital where they were to be treated for serious injuries.

It was reported that the bus driver died.

The store clerk was treated at the scene and released. But the condition of the tow truck driver has not been made public.

It is believed by officials that the tow truck was traveling at a high rate of speed before the collision and allegedly ran a red light. Reportedly, the tow truck was traveling twice the speed allowed in a 30 mile per hour zone.

Investigators looking into the situation believe that the tow truck first slammed into the bus and seriously injured the female driver, then ricocheted into a 7-Eleven convenience store that sits on the corner of a multi-story brick building, while knocking into other objects.

To ensure the integrity of the building was sound after the serious Los Angeles tow truck crash, Los Angeles Building and Safety Department officials were dispatched to the scene. They assessed the building, which also contains residential units. After their report is completed, they will determine if it needs to be red-tagged and the people evacuated.

Damage from the crash did not end at the building. A fire hydrant was destroyed and water propelled into the air partially inundating the area until officials managed to shut it off.

Authorities closed down the perimeter to allow for a thorough investigation. They will then be able to determine how the accident happened.

It also has not been made public if the driver of the tow truck was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. None of the names have been released.

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