Lindsay Lohan, the Mean Girls actress, could have threatened her probation this week when she allegedly hit a pedestrian while driving away from a club in Hollywood.

The accident occurred when Lohan was leaving the Sayers Club at 6500 Hollywood Boulevard.

Actress Lindsay Lohan. Photo by Rafael Amado D...
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She was driving out of the parking lot near the Hookah Lounge when she was swarmed with paparazzi, according to witnesses.

The 25-year-old star was trying to make a U-turn when she apparently hit the owner of the Hookah Lounge on the leg.

The owner called the police and report was taken down, although the owner said he did not require medical attention.

According to gossip website TMZ, the owner did not know who Lohan was at first, and he told paparazzi and police that he did not medical assistance.

Later, however, he began complaining that his leg hurt.

He went to the emergency room and plans to press charges, according to TMZ.

The LAPD is not considering the incident a hit-and-run at this time. Lohan spoke out on Twitter saying that the accusations were a complete fabrication.

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