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The Los Angeles City Council’s Public Safety Committee is asking the LA Police Department to implement new policy changes designed to prioritize and better resolve hit and run incidents, which regularly plague the city.

According to a report delivered by the LAPD in June, Los Angeles averages approximately 20,000 hit and run traffic crashes each year, though many go unreported if no injury or city damage is inflicted. Among the proposed policy changes, the safety committee would like every incident to be responded to and reported. “I don’t think the [Police] Department is doing a good job making this a priority,” says Councilman Joe Buscaino, who chairs the committee. “Whether an injury occurred or not, it’s a hit and run problem.”

Also recommended is classifying hit and runs as a crime, rather than an accident, to encourage police to be more proactive in finding those responsible, and to discourage drivers from fleeing the scene in the event of a hit and run of any severity.

LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Downing says he agrees with the city’s assessment of hit and runs, but contends that the city must do its part as well. “It cannot just be the police department. The community has to be involved as well.” To better send a message to would-be hit and run drivers, Downing suggests that penalties be significantly increased.

The Public Safety Committee agrees with the suggestion, and is already planning to recommend that the city council vote to approve new legislation increasing punishments when it is brought before them.

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