The Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County has approved a report requesting that the Animal Control Department hire five more employees and purchase equipment that will protect animal control officers from vicious and dangerous animals. $350,000 was approved for the new hires and $408,000 has been approved for equipment, such as pepper spray, batons and six trucks.

The request was brought about by various animal attacks and the fatal mauling of a female pedestrian in Littlerock. 63-year-old Pamela Devitt was fatally attacked by a pack of pit bulls owned by 29-year-old Alex Donald Jackson on May 9th, 2013. DNA testing was used to prove that blood on the dogs in Jackson’s home matched Devitt’s blood, and Jackson was later arrested on charges of murder. He had a total of eight dogs in his home that were confiscated. Devitt died from a large loss of blood and her body was covered in 150 to 200 puncture wounds.

The Director of the Los Angeles Animal Control Department, Marcia Mayeda, noted that some pets become dangerous when owners do not properly socialize their animals. Also, when multiple dogs live together they often develop a pack mentality and become more dangerous. Meanwhile, some pet owners do not realize how threatening their dogs are to other people. Ben Devitt, husband of the victim, said, “I do not blame pit bulls…I blame people who don’t take responsibility for their animals.”

The L.A. Animal Control Department receives up to 700,000 calls per year, and in 2012, the department responded to 97,000 calls. 17,000 of the calls involved rescuing animals and assisting police; 10,000 of the calls involved cases of dangerous animals. It has also been recommended that the department expand its communication center; these recommendations would cost up to $2.4 million. The communication center in place can hold 13 agents, and it is projected that the center needs 26.

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