Pop sensation Justin Beiber took a break from his constantly sold out singing performances to be cited for reckless driving early Friday morning in Los Angeles.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Beiber was driving erratically on the southbound lanes of the 101 Freeway near Vineland Avenue and Ventura Boulevard when he was pulled over by a nearby officer who cited him for driving in a “reckless manner”.

The officer issued a citation to the pop singing star for driving his car, a chrome colored Fisker Karma sports car, at speeds well beyond the posted 65 miles per hour limit.

One witness to the accident claimed that the 80 mph rate of speed he was cited for was actually far below his actual speed, however, though his account is unconfirmed. “They cited him for 80 but I saw it… He was going well over 100 because I was going 80.”

Speed limits are posted to keep people safe, even international singing sensations. With the level of traffic and danger constantly in play on Los Angeles’ busy freeways, Beiber was lucky to have escaped the situation with nothing more than a ticket.

Excessive speeds can easily turn into dangerous and fatal accidents, as your ability to maneuver and avoid oncoming obstacles is limited when going too fast.

Being behind the wheel of an exotic sports car is no free pass for breaking posted speed limits, even if said sports car is an environmentally conscious one designed to limit emissions and run cleanly. Road rules are posted to keep people safe, but can be rendered totally useless if no one is willing to follow them.

Serious accident can happen with the simplest lapse in judgment, brought on by nothing more than a momentary lack of focus or ill-timed maneuver.

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