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A teenage girl was arrested after taking her parents car and crashing it into at least four other vehicles early Wednesday morning in National City.

According to National City police officers, the 17-year-old girl drunkenly got into her mother’s Toyota Corolla sedan at around 1:30 a.m. and drove it through the area of the 1400 block of Q Avenue, where she crashed into several cars parked along the road.

Police received a number of calls from residents in the area reporting hearing multiple crashes. An officer in the area was able to spot the intoxicated teen and attempted to bring her to a stop, though she continued for at least another block before finally stopping.

The girl was arrested for driving under the influence and was later released to her parents. She was unhurt in the chaos, and there were no others involved in the ordeal, aside from the vehicles she damaged.

The Corolla suffered side panel damages on both sides of the vehicle, as well as a sheared off side mirror. Each of the cars struck in the extended accident featured similar scrapes and bits of paint.

There is no word yet on the charges or punishments to be handed out to the girl for the damages caused and the issue of driving under the influence. It can also be assumed that she will receive a hefty punishment from her mother for the ordeal, though an official word on that front will likely never surface.

The girl is lucky that her joyride did nothing more than a bit of side panel damage to cars in her neighborhood. While intoxicated, it takes little to turn a seemingly harmless car ride into a dangerous or deadly accident, both for the driver and for everyone else around them.

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