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Anyone who’s been in a personal injury or car accident knows that insurance adjusters like to hound victims. They try their best to persuade them to accept their insurance company’s offer. If this happens to you, be on high alert. They will try to bend you into thinking the accident was your fault. So, keep the following tips in mind if you were in an Irvine car accident:

• Tell them you have to speak to an Irvine personal injury lawyer first before talking to the insurance adjuster. Your attorney will know your rights and how to demand what is yours.

• Do not believe the insurance adjuster is on your side. Keep in mind that they work for the insurance company and not for you. They want to save money for their company, as this would mean more commission or even a promotion for the adjuster. These adjusters are not interested in finding the truth, being fair, or getting you the most compensation. That is why you need to get AA Accident Attorneys on your side.

• Acting like the good guy can be your insurance adjuster’s strategy of getting into your good side. He may be doing this to get your trust so you will disclose valuable information to him. Be careful as this information is often used against you or can be detrimental to your claim. Let our Irvine car accident lawyers fight for you.

• Some insurance adjusters would want to record your statement about the incident. Do not give them permission to this recording. First consult your Irvine personal injury lawyer. Recordings are permanent. As reiterated in the reminder above, the insurance adjuster may twist your statements.

• Check with your Irvine car accident lawyer before allowing the insurance company to dig up your old files and records. The adjuster might find some information about you that can be detrimental to your claim. He might use this to disqualify you from getting the amount due you.

• Studies show that victims who consult a lawyer get more money during settlement than those who do not. So it is in your interest to work with an Irvine accident attorney who can help you before you deal with an insurance adjuster.

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