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An intoxicated 14-year-old boy who was walking his bicycle across Highway 41 in north Fresno was hit by a car last night, according to the California Highway Patrol as The Fresno Bee reports.

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The accident, which occurred a little after 11:00 p.m. on June 25, 2012, sent the teen to the hospital with major injuries although authorities did not specify what injuries the boy suffered exactly.

The accident happened when a Kia Sephia, driven by a 25-year-old woman from Wawona, hit the boy while he was riding in the left lane on the northbound side of Highway 41, near Audubon Drive. The boy was thrown to the center median and lay there until emergency responders arrived at the scene to help him. The driver of the sedan stopped at the scene to offer assistance and fully cooperated with investigators.

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, the driver did not see the boy because of the dark clothing he was wearing. He was said to have been wearing a black hat, dark jeans and a dark t-shirt.

The Fresno Bee also indicated that poor lighting in the area may have contributed to the accident. Authorities are conducted further inquiries into perhaps installing a better lighting system in the area.

Traffic was stopped in both lanes when investigators arrived to look at the scene and clean up the damaged vehicle and bicycle.

The victim was transported to Community Regional Medical Center. No details were reported about his condition. Neither the driver nor her two passengers were injured. The victim’s family was notified immediately and arrived at the hospital to visit him.

Authorities did not confirm the blood-alcohol level of the teenager nor did they say where he was coming from. Witnesses suggested that he was intoxicated because he was displaying the usual signs before the accident such as staggering while he was walking his bike and other strange behavior.

No information was released discussing whether the boy or the driver would be charged in this accident. Witnesses are asked to call their local police station if they have any further information.

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