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An intoxicated man was turned over to authorities after trying to flee a Rialto car accident Sunday evening. He lost control of his speeding truck and it crashed into a home, destroying its garage. Injured, the driver of the truck attempted to flee but was taken down and restrained by a group of people until authorities arrived.

At around 4 p.m. a loud bang was heard through the Rialto neighborhood near the 600 block of Holly Street. Authorities said a 32-year-old man lost control of his truck and it crashed into a home at the corner of Eucalyptus Avenue and Holly Street. A few people were there to see the scene unfold.

Witnesses saw the pickup truck go out of control. It went over a curb then struck a telephone pole, tearing it off its base. Momentum kept the truck moving past a parked car on a driveway until it crashed into a garage door.

Lt Andrew Karol with Rialto Police said that amongst the witnesses were neighbors who tackled and held down the driver until authorities arrived.

Residents told reporters that they heard a loud boom. Those who went outside to investigate the scene noticed that the driver sustained some head injuries but made an attempt to leave the scene.

“He started heading northbound on Eucalyptus when about three or four neighbors who saw him and tackled and held him down until officers could get there,” Karol told reporters.

He made it approximately a block away from the Rialto car accident before he was apprehended at Eden Sandoval’s home on the southwest corner of Madrona Street and Eucalyptus.

“I was upstairs and then I heard a big noise,” he said. “When I came outside he was already on the floor and people were holding him down.”

Emergency respondents took the intoxicated driver to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. Karol said the driver would be arrested for driving under the influence as soon as he was released from the hospital.

Crews set support beams around the garage where the truck had slammed through to reduce the likelihood of the structure crumbling after they pulled the truck out.

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