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A question asked of the Examiner was, what types of coverage is the driver entitled to when there is valuable equipment in the car which is damaged in an auto accident. The response stated that the answer may be somewhat complex.

First covered are make-whole remedies. The idea is to restore the person to where he/she would have been before the accident.

Special damages or economic damages come first. They would be considered out-of pocket expenses including property damage such as the repair of the vehicle or value of the vehicle if it is totally destroyed. Property damage also includes such things as cell phones, clothing, or valuable equipment. The value of the item may be the value of a used item not a new one.

Another area covered is wage loss. People are entitled to coverage for lost wages. If a person were to be out of work for an extended period the claim may be difficult to prove.

Medical expenses are next. Co-pays are covered along with the entire amount insurance companies pay.

Non-economic damage or general damage is the next area covered. This is the area of pain and suffering or emotional pain. This is a difficult area to calculate.

Uninsured drivers are not eligible for this coverage though passengers in an uninsured car are eligible for coverage. It is important for these reasons to be sure your car is insured.

This list is not exhaustive but merely a suggestion as to what to look at when considering what types of coverage are available when an accident occurs.Car accident and personal injury attorney in Southern California

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Source: San Francisco Examiner