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Illegal racing in the streets of the city of Los Angeles has claimed the life of another innocent bystander this week. Authorities reported that at least eight other vehicles were damaged in the crash and the driver of the vehicle that allegedly killed the innocent man fled the scene. It is the second illegal street racing crash of the week that takes the life of an innocent person in L.A.

Reports state that on the 200 block of W. Manchester Avenue near Broadway in Southern Los Angeles the deadly racing crash accident happened Tuesday night.

Edward Angel Ramirez, a 35-year-old, was behind the wheel of a Saturn when it was struck by a Pontiac. The collision caused the car to catch on fire. Authorities say that in no way was Ramirez participating in an illegal race between a Pontiac and a Dodge Charger.

Witnesses told investigators that when the two vehicles were racing, the Charger was traveling against traffic on Broadway.

It was during the race that the Pontiac crashed. Its driver survived the crash, exited the vehicle and fled the scene before police arrived on the scene.

In a nearly synchronized motion, the Charger slammed into a pickup truck after the Pontiac and Saturn crashed.

Emergency respondents transported the driver of the truck and the Charger to a nearby hospital where they were to be treated. Authorities stated that they will be interrogating the driver of the Charger who will also be checked for see if he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A total of eight cars and one bicyclist were involved in the two collisions. A third victim was injured and transported to the hospital as well. The extent of that person’s injuries was not released.

Investigators continue to search for the driver that fled the scene as well as two passengers who were reportedly seen fleeing from the Charger. Authorities are encouraging any person that witnessed the accident to step forward with the information and contact them.

Last week a 4-year-old girl, an innocent bystander, was killed as a result of a street race involving two vehicles. Similarly, one of the people operating a racing vehicle remained on the scene and the other fled. Authorities from that city stated that the person from the fleeing vehicle engaged in racing can be found equally as culpable as the one that crashed.

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