A homeless man was seriously injured after being run over during an altercation with a passing motorist Sunday night in San Diego.

According to the San Diego Fire Department, the altercation took place at around 8:15 p.m. at the intersection of Midway and Rosecrans avenues where the homeless man began making his way across the street pushing a shopping cart, despite the displayed “do not walk” sign.

A motorist waiting at the intersection was upset by the man crossing against the light, and honked his horn to prompt the man to get out of his way.

The homeless man took offense to the horn and turned his shopping cart into a wrecking ball, smashing it into the side of the driver’s SUV.

The collision sent the driver into a wild fit of rage, who then angrily drove away from the scene, but not before crashing into the man with his car and partially driving over him.

A SDFD ambulance which happened to be passing through the area transporting another person to a nearby hospital, took notice of the man on the side of the road and stopped to help, also calling for aid.

Police and fire crews then responded to the scene to help the victim and to interview witnesses to the crash. The homeless man suffered serious injuries in the accident and was taken to UC San Diego Medical Center for treatment.

Little is known about the SUV other than the fact that it had Arizona license plates, and that it left the scene. Police have surmised that the driver likely drove off out of fear that the homeless man would ram his vehicle again, causing more costly damage.

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