Police are still on the lookout for a driver who struck two Hollywood pedestrians Tuesday evening as they made their way through a crosswalk before driving away from the scene.

According to reports from the Los Angeles Police Department, the crash took place at the intersection of Selma and Highland avenues, where a man and a woman both said be to in their mid-20s were making their way through the crosswalk when they were run down by a black Mercedes SUV heading westbound on Selma.

After the collision, the SUV sped away, fleeing southbound on Highland. The man suffered a broken leg as a result of the crash, and the woman was described as having suffered foot injuries. Both were taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment.

Local police have now launched a full investigation to hunt down the driver of the SUV, which is believed to have noticeable damages on the front bumper and hood, including the Mercedes emblem, which was knocked off in the crash.

To find the driver, police have begun questioning witnesses, and will review surveillance footage captured by nearby businesses. The area is said to have been well lit at the time of the crash, meaning the driver would have had a clear view of the walkers in the crosswalk.

At this time it is unknown why the collision may have happened. Factors like impaired driving as a result of drugs or alcohol have not been ruled. Anyone with any information that could lead to the capturing of the driver is encouraged to contact the LAPD as soon as possible to assist with the investigation.

In and around a crosswalk, it is essentially important to stay focused on your surroundings, and on who may be making their way across the street. The results of a collision with a pedestrian will likely have minimal damage consequences for you as a driver, but those on foot could suffer serious and life threatening injuries.

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