SAN DIEGO, CA (July 15, 2021) – Early in the morning on Wednesday, a hit-and-run driver smashed into a house in the Mount Hope area of San Diego. The July 14 crash occurred on Home Avenue, located across from the State Route 94 offramp.

The time was roughly 2:00 a.m., police said.

Reports say that according to people who witnessed the incident, the vehicle–described as a Subaru SUV–got off of State Route 94 from the eastbound side of the roadway. The Subaru plowed through a stop sign and hit a guardrail.

The SUV continued on, and smashed into the house in the back.

Witnesses described the driver exiting the vehicle after the crash, and fleeing the scene on foot, reports say. The driver has not been described.

No one inside the house was hurt in the crash, according to reports. The owners of the property have not been identified.

Investigators are searching for the hit-and-run driver.

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