An out of control driver smashed into a house, utterly destroying its garage and priceless items inside before fleeing the scene early Saturday morning in La Mesa.

According to local police reports, the crash took place at a home near the intersection of Fuerte and Alzeda drivers, where an unidentified vehicle allegedly drove off the road, through a fence and into the garage of a woman named Jan. She reported to police that the crash marked the fifth time that her house had been struck, though none as severely as this.

Police were able to catch and apprehend the driver of the vehicle, who has not yet been identified, a short time after the crash, though the damage had already been done. Much of the home’s garage was completely destroyed, reduced to rubble as though the house was being torn down for renovation.

According to Jan, the crash had inflicted tens of thousands of dollars in damages on her home, including the loss of “irreplaceable items”, such as an antique phone booth, which was found broken, leaning up against her car. The booth was gift from her mother, said Jan, who had since passed away.

“This is horrible,” she added, upset by the continued crashes. “And I can’t get anything done. All I can get is more signs and signs don’t help… Somebody’s going to get killed. They will. I’m scared to come out here.” Fortunately, none were hurt in the crash, though Jan hopes that this most recent incident will serve as a clear reminder for drivers to slow down through the area.

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