The number of hit and run accidents has increased greatly in California.

Statewide approximately 300 people die annually in hit and runs.

Unlicensed drivers, wide, busy streets, drunk drivers, and lack of auto insurance all contribute to the high number of accidents.

Persons who drive without a license come up repeatedly as perpetrators of this crime.

The Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that there are approximately 1 million unlicensed drivers vs 22.6 million drivers who hold a license.

Many of these drivers cannot afford auto insurance.

Alcohol may also be a factor in the accidents.

Many roads are conducive to higher speeds. This too can be a factor. Speed kills.

Recently there have  been efforts to make pedestrians safer such as reconfigured roads, pedestrian islands, speed bumps, etc.

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Source: San Francisco ChroniclePedestrian Accident Lawyers, Santa Clara